Vaccines – Some Perspective Please!


Recently there has been an increase in the number of crying mothers calling our office looking to transfer their children to our practice because of the unpleasant way they were treated by the doctors where they were taking their children for well child care. I am hearing reports of doctors telling parents their children will die if they do not get immunized and also claims that vaccines will protect their children from routine respiratory illness.

There was an editorial published in the Spring 2014 edition of South Carolina Family Physician    In this editorial, Dr. H. Griffin Cupstid, a family physician from Spartanburg, insulted the intelligence of those who questioned the benefit/safety value of vaccines, advocated for an increase in the police state and called for war against the dangerous parents who were not immunizing their children.

We are seeing ever increasingly strident physicians. We now have official editorials…

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Why we didn’t vaccinate baby Noor

Great read. Especially if you have done your research about how the majority of these diseases where very much in decline before the introduction of vaccines and is more likely due to increased sanitation, clean water, less malnutrition, and better sewer systems.

Breastfeeding: Didn’t Come So Natural

When I began this journey into motherhood there was so many things I was absolutely sure of. I read the books, I did the research,  I watched every documentary I could find! And as they say, nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen. I had a natural unmedicated birth with no episiotomy which I would never even think to change. From the beginning of the pain until the point my baby girl was born had only lasted about one and a half hour. If you had asked me then what I thought would be the easiest thing about having a baby I would have told you breastfeeding. I had no doubt in my mind that it would be as natural and easy as loving my baby would be, but I was wrong.
When I brought my baby girl Aeris home I had been struggling with the latch a little. I figured this would get better with practice and it did. A nipple shield helped also.  After a few days I started to panic a little bit because Aeris was always crying and it seemed my milk would never come in. At first I had no idea it could take days or even a week to come in. I could never even squeeze out a drop. I caved in  to my screaming baby and gave her a bottle of the ready to feed formula I received from the hospital. She drank it so fast and was finally a happy baby after she was done! I felt horrible for waiting like I was told to do and trying to trust in my body to do what it was supposed to do. It was at this point I lost that trust. I still made sure to nurse her for twenty minutes on each side before offering a bottle. After a couple weeks with what seemed like no success I decided to get a pump. Now It has taken me five months to master this thing because I have had so many complications. 
Pumping was painful and tedious. I couldn’t wait until a session was over. I had to try out multiple nipple shield sizes and in the end I had to use two different sizes so I wouldn’t bleed! I am six months in and still going at it! 
My O.B.G.Y.N.  had prescribed me Reglan to try increasing my supply. I was also guided to relax and drink plenty of water. I was so conflicted because I am against taking medication but I caved in to my desperation to want to breastfeed my daughter.  I constantly had her on my breast or they were hooked up to that darn machine every hour of the day! The Reglan came with a whole long sheet of side effects that included: feelings of anxiety, restlessness, agitation, sleep difficulties, and many more. By the time I took my second dose I started to feel different. I first became very sleepy, then my anxiety shot through the roof and depression set in. I new right then and there that this was not going to be the answer to  my struggle. So far I tried skin to skin, constantly feeding all day, pumping after feedings, taking warm showers, fenugreek, Reglan, and drinking a gallon of water a day. I felt defeated and like I had exhausted my options. This only solidified my fears of taking medications.
So far I had not been able to get more than an average of two ounces a day. I continued my journey despite the many tears I have shed because of this. Finally I did a little research online and found out about Domperidone. Domperidone is similar to Reglan in that it increases breast milk except the difference is that it doesn’t go through the blood brain barrier and it  has almost no side effects. I decided to order this as a last ditch effort. This stuff has saved my sanity! I have been taking three tablets three times a day for two weeks so far and I have gone from two ounces a day to seven ounces a day and going!
This journey has had its ups and downs and I now envy those I see that are able to breastfeed with what seems like ease. I have stuck with this so long because well for one, I am stubborn and determined and two, I was told that even two ounces a day would benefit my baby as far as passing down vitamins, gut flora, and immunities. I am very excited about the progress I have finally started to see! I would love to hear your breastfeeding story! Comment and let me know your hardships and most definitely your successes!